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Architectural Control

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is comprised of members from the Board of Directors and our Community who take time to determine that certain guidelines and standards, as expressed in the CC&Rs, are followed. These guidelines and standards are intended to ensure that our Community remains a place we are proud to call home, and therefore, helps protects the investment we have made.
All homeowners in Westridge Place should have a copy of the CC&Rs. If you do not, you can download a copy from this website. The CC&Rs contain fairly specific guidelines and standards, mostly dealing with issues that relate to the look of houses and yards in our neighborhood. Fences, walls, house paint color, outbuildings, parking and etc., all fall under the auspices of the ACC.
The following guidelines on when/if to involve the ACC may be helpful:
  • If you are planning any project affecting the appearance of your home or yard, details should be given to the ACC prior to the start of the project. The ACC is to be contacted through our property manager, Northwest Management Exclusive.
  • If you have a concern or dispute with a neighbor, and it is over an issue covered by the CC&Rs, the ACC refers to the CC&Rs to make a judgment. However, this should only come to the attention of the ACC after the individuals involved have discussed and attempted to address the issue. Neighbor talking to neighbor is always the preferred first step.
  • If you have tried to resolve the issue with your neighbor and have not had success, contact our property manager, Northwest Management Exclusive.
Contact the ACC
Requests are to be submitted to
Northwest Management Exclusive, Inc.
11715 NE Crestwood Dr
Vancouver, WA 98684
PO Box 872077
Vancouver, WA 98687-2077
Phone: (360) 892-8798
Fax: (360) 892-7146
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